A Tag Cloud
a tag cloud
A popular way of displaying all of the Tags on a wiki is called a tag cloud (also called a weighted list). This ranks the tags by popularity (i.e., how often they occur on wiki pages) and displays the result as a cloud, a bounded area showing all tags. As implemented on sites like Flickr or del.icio.us, tag clouds provide an easy means to categorize and navigate based on user-assigned properties.

As described on Wikipedia's Tag Cloud page:

There are three main types of tag cloud applications in social software, distinguished by their meaning rather than appearance. In the first type, there is a tag cloud for each item whereas in the second type, we have global tag clouds where the frequencies are aggregated over all items and users.

In the first type, size represents the number of times that tag has been applied to a single item. This is useful as a means of displaying metadata about an item that has been democratically 'voted' on and where precise results are not desired. A good example of this is Last.fm, which uses this method as a means of displaying the genre with which an artist or track has been tagged.

In the second, more commonly used type, size represents the number of items to which a tag has been applied, as a presentation of each tag's popularity. Examples of this type of tag cloud are used on the image-hosting service Flickr and the blog aggregator Technorati.

In the third type, tags are used as a categorization method for content items. Tags are represented in a cloud where larger tags represent the quantity of content items in that category.

The TagCloudPlugin is an implementation of the second type described above.


The TagCloudPlugin provides a display of all available tags, displayed either as a tag cloud, or in various other ways.


an optional parameter setting the formatting of the generated output. Values include: "cloud" (the default), "none", "count", "list", "bullet", "number", "space", "comma", "colon", and "bar". For the complete description of output formats, see Alternative Output Formats.
an optional parameter that excludes tags matching the 'regex' (Regular Expression) from being displayed.

Output Styles#

The display of the generated output is dictated entirely by the CSS stylesheet. There are seven selectors in the jspwiki.css stylesheet: .tagcloud, .tagcloud a, .tagcloud .s1, .tagcloud .s2, .tagcloud .s3, .tagcloud .s4, .tagcloud .s5, the last five corresponding to color and size changes for the five tag incidence levels.


The default output:


Excluding all tags beginning with "P" (or "p"):

  [{TagCloud exclude='[Pp].*'}]

Excluding all tags having only a single incidence:

  [{TagCloud mincount='2'}]

Excluding all tags having only a single incidence and all tags beginning with "P" (or "p"):

  [{TagCloud mincount='2' exclude='[Pp].*'}]

Displayed as a comma-separated list:

  [{TagCloud output='comma'}]

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