About the New Zealand Personal Robotics Group (NZPRG)#

This is the web site of the New Zealand Personal Robotics Group (NZPRG), located in Pukerua Bay , a small seaside town a half hour northwest of Wellington.

We thought about calling ourselves the “Pukerua Bay Personal Robotics Group” but there didn’t seem to be any New Zealand level group so we’ve declared the entire country as ours (not wanting to limit membership to just locals as there’s not many of us).

We’re a new local group and will be working towards scheduling actual face-to-face meetings, to share ideas and information, demonstrate our own robot projects, and learn more about robots and things related to robots. This site is still a bit rough around the edges and there’s still lots to be done.

If you’re not located conveniently near to Pukerua Bay, well, sorry. It’s a nice place. But you’re welcome to visit.


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