The TagPlugin (or simply "Tag" in use) is a NeWikiPlugin that provides a simple syntax for tagging a wiki page.

  [{Tag TagName}]

To query the list of pages having a specific tag, use the HasTagOfPlugin (or simply "HasTagOf" in use).

The TagPlugin also declares the tag value(s) as metadata for the page using the DC.subject (keywords) property. You can obtain the value of this property via [{$DC.subject}], as in


See also: HasTagOfPlugin, TagCloudPlugin, TagManager, CategoryPlugin


The plugin has no required parameters. Tags are included as one or more whitespace-delimited WikiWords.

If compiled with the compile-time flag REQUIRE_PAGE_FOR_TAG as true, will flag errors on undefined pages (i.e., all tags must point to existing pages).


For tests, see the Burt Reynolds page.

This is a page related to the TagManager.