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This page lists some possible prototypes that could be built. Each prototype will include:

  • controller: microprocessor or microcontroller used, which might imply which programming language(s) would be available to program the robot
  • components: motors, motor encoders, sensors, etc.
  • estimated size and weight (we need to come up with some kind of robot weight categories)
  • a Bill of Materials (the major components necessary to build the robot — this might not include things like plastic sheet, nuts and bolts, wire, etc. but could)
  • estimated cost
  • some notion of the difficulty level (not age level!)

See also: Robot Operating Environment

Robot Geometry#

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, and can have one or more wheels, tank treads, flippers or propellers, etc.

For example, for wheeled robots there's designs like:

  • tank treads
  • two-wheeled balancing robots
  • two-wheeled differential drive robots with casters (like the KD01 or SR04)
  • four to six to eight wheeled robots (like the KR01)
  • Ackermann steering (car style) robots, possibly using a radio-controlled car chassis
  • mars rovers with rocker-bogie or triple-rocker designs

But robots don't need wheels, nor do they even need to move. There are flying robots, swimming and diving robots, walking, crawling and jumping robots. Each poses its own set of challenges and rewards.

Some Possible Prototypes#

These are robots currently being designed by Murray:

  • the KR01 robot: and derivations thereof
  • the KC01 robot: a CircuitPlayground & Crickit based robot
  • the KRZ01 robot: using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and PiconZero controller

Feel free to propose/design/build your own, then make a project page for it.

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