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This is the Task List for the New Zealand Personal Robotics Group (NZPRG). These are things that need doing, and we'll need volunteers. You can contact Murray if you think you can help, or have any ideas that might help.

  • Apply for nonprofit status for NZPRG: we need someone with the experience necessary to apply for non-profit status in New Zealand so the NZPRG can own things (rather than Murray), apply for grants, ask for discounts from vendors, and begin to figure out how to create a sustainable organisation
  • come up with a reasonable way to handle membership (both local and remote/international)
  • we need someone to take responsibility for scheduling meetings (where? when? how often?)
  • we'll need a legal statement that clarifies the intellectual property implications of peoples' contributions to the wiki and the organisation (perhaps similar to the Creative Commons licenses?)
  • we'll need appropriate media release form (for use of people's images in photos and/or videos) and a place to store copies of them
  • approach local and international businesses who may wish to sponsor the NZPRG, including possible discounts on hardware or software purchases
  • create several prototype robots of varying sizes and costs, in mind of applying for a grant to buy the parts to build maybe ten "kits" as a starter stock for the group (or maybe just have everyone design and build their own from these recipes, i.e., does the NZPRG need to own any robots?)
  • compile a list of people-with-skills and people-with-tools
  • compile a list of people willing to loan out tools or otherwise allow people to use expensive tools or machinery (maybe at meetings?), or help others with various things like cutting plastics or metal as necessary to build robots
  • compile a list of theses and robot proposals
  • accumulate a stock of spare parts and tools (new)
  • create a scrap box of extra components, materials, spare electronics, etc. where people can both donate and take from (similar to one of my neighbours' give-and-take sidewalk library)
  • we need people to take on Tasks as listed on the wiki
  • we need Wiki Gardeners as the wiki grows
  • create (and maintain) a YouTube channel for NZPRG
  • link NZPRG into any existing social media channels as appropriate

...and anything else we can think of

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