Aliased from Robot Platforms

This is a page devoted to robotic hardware platforms, i.e., possible chassis and control prototypes for a low-cost, entry-level robot.

It could admittedly use a fair bit of work.


    • Tank Kit
  • Adafruit:
    • Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground Express
    • Purple Aluminum Chassis for TT Motors - 2WD
    • Mini Robot Rover Chassis Kit - 2WD with DC Motors
    • Mini Round Robot Chassis Kit - 2WD with DC Motors
    • Mini 3-Layer Round Robot Chassis Kit - 2WD with DC Motors
  • BBC Micro:Bit based robots

See also: Robot Prototypes, e.g., KR01, KC01 and KRZ01

Instructables Rover#

From a message on 2020-09-08 by Doug Paradis to the DPRG mailing list:

Instructables sometimes drops a "pearl before swine" article that is well worth the read. Author GregF10 has written a series of four Instructables that describe an indoor rover using a Rpi and Pololu A-star 32U4 microcontroller. Main sensors are an IMU (mostly gyro) and a LidarLite v3. The articles are organized by: overview, locomotion, localization, and navigation.

The navigation article has a really interesting discussion about the use of the LiDAR sensor. The articles are well written and worth your time to investigate. Regards,Doug P.

See: An Autonomous Rover