Welcome to the NZPRG Wiki!#

This is the wiki of the New Zealand Personal Robotics Group (NZPRG).

Associated with the NZPRG is the Personal Robotics server on Discord.

Starting Points#

  • Getting Started
  • Robot Design
  • Meta-Goals
  • MR01 Robot, a 4 wheel Mars rover (in Phase 2 it's 6 wheels)
  • KR01 Robot, a 4 wheel parallel drive robot
  • KD01 Robot, a 2 wheel + caster differential drive robot
  • KC01 Robot, small, hexagonal Circuit Playground Express based robot
  • KRZ01 Robot, small Raspberry Pi Zero W differential drive robot with moon buggy wheels
  • KRZ02 Robot, a Mechanum-wheeled robot
  • LBR01 Robot, a robot that resides inside a letterbox

We're just starting out and there's a lot to organise here, so please bear with the mess and/or empty pages/broken links.

And some favourite (i.e., commonly-used) pages:

Wiki Documentation#