This page collects information on various motors available that are suitable for robots. Some motors have a motor encoder kit available, to perform odometry.

So far we have experience with two motors: the OSEPP 25mm motor that comes with the OSEPP Tank Kit, and the micro gear motors (made by Pololu?). The latter are available in a variety of gear ratios. Both have a Hall Effect motor encoder kit available.

MiniQ Motor Wheel Set#

RobotShop sell a MiniQ Motor Wheel Set w/ Encoder that includes two micro gear motors, wheels, white plastic hubs, and a motor encoder pair — with the encoders integrated into the motor mount — for US$36. They use a 50:1 gear ratio rather than 298:1 (perhaps that's better?). This uses an optical encoder rather than a Hall Effect encoder, using the white teeth of the inner wheel hub for the optical interrupter, 48 pulses per revolution.

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