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The Pololu Zumo for Arduino (click to view)

Zumo is the tradename for the Pololu mini-Sumo robot. A Mini-Sumo robot must be less than 10cm square and weigh less than 500 grams. Any height is permitted.

Pololu provide two main types of Zumo: one functioning as a "shield" for an Arduino microcontroller board, the second, a newer version with an integrated Arduino-compatible controller, which also includes encoders and a few other nice features.

As an alternative to the Arduino, there's both

Encoder Wiring#

When wiring up a pair of Hall effect encoders to the Zumo Shield for Arduino you'll find that the documentation 1 for the quadrature encoders on the Zumo 32U4 states:

  • Digital pin 7, or PE6, reads the right encoder XORed signal using external interrupt INT6.
  • Digital pin 8, or PB4, reads the left encoder XORed signal using pin change interrupt PCINT4.
  • Digital pin 23 (analog pin 5), or PF0, reads the right encoder channel B.
  • Pin PE2 reads the left encoder channel B.

On the Arduino Shield for Zumo there is no pin "PE2", so you'll just have to choose any available (unused) digital input pin for channel B of the left encoder.

By the way, I always call the left side of the robot the port side, the right side as starboard, since this removes any ambiguity, like is it left or right when viewed from on board, or from above, etc. This is the same as on a ship.


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