The Waveshare AlphaBot2 (click to enlarge)

The Waveshare AlphaBot2 2WD Platform Kit for BBC micro:bit is designed to use with the BBC micro:bit. It features some common robot functions including line tracking, infrared obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, Bluetooth/2.4G remote control, 4 RGB LEDs underneath, etc. It uses a pair of Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotors, a pair of nice stainless ball casters, and most of its parts can be replaced from various robotics vendors.

The Alphabot2 is probably one of the more advanced, durable and better-designed of the micro:bit robots. It is also available for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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Programming the Alphabot2#

The Alphabot2 can be programmed in a variety of programming languages:


Also see the micro:bit wiki page for more information.

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