The RestrictedHelloWorldPlugin extends the HelloWorldPlugin as a subclass of RestrictedWikiPlugin (an abstract class), providing a core set of features (such as parameter handling and authentication checking) as a demo and beginning point for plugin development.

As a contrast to the HelloWorldPlugin (and an example of RestrictedWikiPlugin), this moves the vetting of the plugin's use from within the plugin to the superclass, permitting the plugin to be executed based on whether the user's status is Asserted, Authenticated, etc. or enabling or disabling the plugin outright.

See: RestrictedWikiPlugin or the code of this plugin for more details.


  • debug = 'true' | 'false' . When true, displays debugging level information. Defaults to false.
  • text = 'content' . An optional parameter to provide alternate "Hello World" text to the plugin.
No external dependencies (other than JSPWiki).

See also: HelloWorldPlugin

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