A Project Page is a page that documents a robot or robot-related component (hardware or software) project.

Each Project page should include:

  • Project Name of the robot or component
  • Thesis or Purpose (why you made this project, what you hope to learn, your thesis)
  • Description (a longer description of the project)
  • Project Details (how you made it, any experiments you've tried, etc.)
  • Links to related wiki pages or web pages

Photos are highly encouraged, and/or links to YouTube videos of the project in action.

Also, each Project page should also be tagged as follows:

[{Tag Project}]
so that it can be catalogued. You can also include any tags that would help other people find the project, such as "Hardware", "Software", etc. Tags are separated by spaces, e.g.,
[{Tag Project Hardware RaspberryPi}]

List of Known Projects#

Tags:  Project