A Recipe Page is a page that describes how to perform a small task.

Each Recipe should include:

Also, each Recipe page should also be tagged as follows:

[{Tag Recipe}]
so that it can be catalogued. You can also include any tags that would help other people find the Recipe, such as "Hardware", "Software", etc. Tags are separated by spaces, e.g.,
[{Tag Recipe Hardware RaspberryPi}]

You can request a Recipe, a Task or Tutorial using a Request (or by sending an email to Murray if you don't have write access to the wiki)

Some Possible Recipes#

Do you know how to do any of these things? You could teach someone else!


It'd be foolish to think that a single website could fulfill all the needs of a budding robot scientist. There are many existing sites that provide good information for building robots, and acquiring the skills necessary to do so. Here's a few:

List of Known Recipes#

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