Aliased from Tag, WikiTag

This wiki permits tagging wiki pages. A page may be contain more than one tag, which is just the name for a subject that the page contains content about. For example, a page about an infrared sensor might be tagged "Hardware", "Sensor" and "Infrared".

How to...#

A tag is actually just the name of an existing wiki page. If the tag page doesn't exist, when you save the tag markup the result will show up as an error; but don't worry, the error doesn't hurt anything and will go away once someone has created the new page. (Note that sometimes it takes awhile for the tag manager to notice the new page.)

How to Tag a Page#

To tag a page, you just add the following to the bottom of the page:

[{Tag Name1 Name2}]
where "Name1", "Name2" are names of wiki pages, separated by spaces.

How to Display the Pages Containing a Tag#

To display the pages with a specific Tag, using the following markup:

[{HasTagOf Name1}]
You can actually use more than one page name but the results are mixed together so it might be confusing.

Thought it's only a style issue, we generally have been putting the tag markup at the bottom of the page after a horizontal line (created by "----" at the beginning of a line);