Wiki Gardener

A Wiki Gardener is a person who goes around the wiki, correcting typos here, rearranging things to be more readable there.

In general, good WikiGardeners are liked and respected, since they have the magical ability to take a jumble of pages and create good, readable text out of them. Anyone can be a WikiGardener. If you see a typo or a spelling mistake, feel free to correct it! If you feel up to it, rearrange a page, or split a long page to smaller pages, or if you think some page belongs to some category, add an appropriate tag to it. If you make a mistake, don't worry about it, since everything you do can be restored. Also, remember to add a change note when doing your wikigardening.

Important Pages for Gardeners#

As this wiki is only editable by members we're hoping not to see bad behaviour, so some of what's written above may not apply.

The original source of this page is from WikiGardener on JSPWiki.