This plugin was distributed previously as part of the McKessonApsWikiPlugins package, now as part of the NeWikiPlugins. This documentation is updated for the new version as appropriate.

The RedirectPlugin is a NeWikiPlugin that returns a fragment of Javascript into the page to do an automatic redirection and a link that can be manually clicked on if Javascript is not enabled.

This plugin is useful if you have multiple wiki instances that you want to tie together.

Requires only one parameter, 'to', which can be an InterWiki link. If it cannot be interpreted as an interwiki link we assume it's some external link and just redirect to it as given. If it is an interwiki link, we first expand it, then redirect.

Note: There is a default 2 second pause before the redirection, so if you want to edit the page containing this plugin, you'd better be quick. You may change the duration of the pause by providing a delay='1234' style parameter.


Allows redirecting to:

  • Other wiki pages (you could just use [{SET alias='OtherName'}] for this.
  • Interwiki pages (you cannot do this with the alias feature)
  • Arbitrary URL's (again you cannot do this with the alias feature)
And as some have pointed out, the end-user syntax is a bit more approachable than how you set an alias.


Full syntax examples:

[{RedirectPlugin to='' delay='5000'}]
[{RedirectPlugin to='JSPWiki:Main'}]
[{RedirectPlugin to='SomeOtherPage'}]


Included in the McKessonApsWikiPlugins jar. -- JohnVolkar
Now included in the NeWikiPlugins.jar. -- MurrayAltheim

See also: CategoryThirdPartyPlugin

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