The PreviousPlugin is a NeWikiPlugin that creates a 'previous page' link, with a selectable icon. This sets a page attribute "previous-page-name" to the name of the next page.

If more than one instance occurs on a page the last one processed wins.

See also: NextPlugin


  • page = 'name'. A required parameter providing the name of the target page.
  • icon = 'arrow' | 'button' | 'hand' | 'page' | 'triangle'. An optional parameter indicating the type of icon to use. The default is 'arrow'.
  • text = 'true' | 'on' | 'yes' . An optional parameter flag that if true shows the page name in the link (default true).


[{PreviousPlugin icon='button' page='Main'}]

[{PreviousPlugin icon='hand' page='Main'}]
[{PreviousPlugin icon='page' page='Main'}]
[{PreviousPlugin icon='triangle' page='Main'}]
[{PreviousPlugin icon='triangle' text='false' page='Main'}]

See also: NextPlugin