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This is the wiki of the ''New Zealand Personal Robotics Group'' (NZPRG).

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** [Hardware] and [Tools]
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* [NZPRG Blog|https://robots.org.nz/]

Associated with the NZPRG is the [Personal Robotics] server on Discord.

! Starting Points

* [Getting Started] 
* [Robot Design]
* [Meta-Goals]
* [KR01] Robot, a 4 wheel parallel drive robot
* [KD01] Robot, a 2 wheel + caster differential drive robot
* [KC01] Robot, small, hexagonal __Circuit Playground Express based robot
* [KRZ01] Robot, small Raspberry Pi Zero W differential drive robot with moon buggy wheels
* [KRZ02] Robot, a Mechanum-wheeled robot
* [LBR01] Robot, a robot that resides inside a letterbox

We're just starting out and [there's a lot to organise here|OrganisationalToDo], so please bear with the mess and/or empty pages/broken links. 

And some favourite (i.e., commonly-used) pages:

* [GPIO]
* [Raspberry Pi Pico]
* [How To Configure a Static Ip Address]
* [How to Configure SSH Keys with GitHub|HowToUseSshKeysWithGitHub]
* List of [Vendors] of robotics and related hardware for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.
* [Alternatives|MicroprocessorsAndMicrocontrollers] to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi like the [Orange Pi], [NanoPi Fire3] and [ESP32] ([TinyPico] & [FeatherS2] boards)
* Ideas for Building a [Mars Rover|MarsRover]

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