Below is the basic organisation of this wiki:

!! Overview

We're organising the wiki pages according to:

* __Tasks:__ things that need to be done (ideas explored, experiments to do)
* __Hypotheses:__ a statement of a hypothesis and the results of the experiments attempting to prove the hypthesis
* __Recipes:__ how to do some kind of task. This includes a Bill of Materials (BOM), preparations, and an explanation of how to perform the task, with results. If the recipe is for a software solution, this includes installation and testing instructions. Some recipes can be fulfilled by providing a list of existing web links showing how to do the task, such as installing Raspian on an SD card.
* __Tutorials:__ a general explanation of a skill or how to perform a task
* __Project Description:__ a description of a specific project, listing its BOM, any hypotheses it attempts to prove, recipes created during its construction, and any other information about the outcomes (including photos, videos, etc.)
* __Reference Pages:__ lists of documents or links to web pages about a subject

!! [Goals]

* [Organisational Goals|OrganisationalGoals]
* [Meta-Goals|MetaGoals]
* [Robot-Related Goals|RobotRelatedGoals] 
* [Murray's Thesis|MurraysThesis] 

and also:

* [Tasks] (stuff that needs doing and people to do it)

!! [Hardware]

* [Robot Platforms|RobotPlatforms] 
* [Processors & Microcontrollers|MicroprocessorsAndMicrocontrollers]        
* [Sensors]
* [Hardware Components|Components] (motors, etc.)

!! [Software]

* [Operating Systems|OperatingSystems] 
* [Software Libraries|SoftwareLibraries] 

!! [References]

* [References] (links to academic papers, technical documents, etc.)
* [eBooks] (links to free or commercial eBooks on robotics)
* [Technical Documentation] (including integrated circuit specifications, etc.)
* [Vendors]

!! Special Pages

* [Requests|Requests] (''I want to…'')
* [Recipes|Recipes] (''How do I…?'', generally short articles)
* [Tutorials|Tutorials] (longer explanations of how to do something)
* [Projects|Projects]: well, these are supposed to be "personal" robots. Each Project page is devoted to a [robot], a [component], or some other [hardware] or [software] project
* [Ideas|Ideas] (Concepts/Theories/Discussions/Philosophical Musings)
* [Reviews|Reviews] (hardware and software reviews, though these may occur in other places)
* [Tags|Tags] (the list of tags used on the wiki, and how to use tags)

...and if it goes without saying, we really appreciate [Wiki Gardeners|WikiGardener] around here.


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