A __Recipe Page__ is a page that describes how to perform a small task. 

Each Recipe should include:

* __Topic__, generally in the form of "''How do I…?''"
* __Description__ (a longer description of the recipe)
* __Author__ of the recipe (member name)
* optional __Links__ to related wiki pages or web pages

Also, each Recipe page should also be tagged as follows:
[{Tag Recipe}]
so that it can be catalogued. You can also include any tags that would help other people 
find the Recipe, such as "Hardware", "Software", etc. Tags are separated by spaces, e.g.,
[{Tag Recipe Hardware RaspberryPi}]

You can request a [Recipe], a [Task] or [Tutorial] using a [Request] (or by sending an email to [Murray] if you don't have write access to the wiki)

! Some Possible Recipes

Do you know how to do any of these things? You could teach someone else!

* Soldering:
**   How to Solder a Connection
**  How to De-Solder a Connection
**  How to Maintain a Soldering Iron

* Tools and Materials:
** Safe hand and power tool handling (any builders out there? we need teach people how to use tools!)
** Cutting and drilling plastic
** Cutting and drilling aluminium and other metals
** Laying out designs

* Chassis and other hardware components:
**  How to Build a Robot Bumper

* Motors and Motor Control:
**  How to Control a Motor
**  How to Install a Motor Encoder

* Raspberry Pi & Networking:
** [How to find out how hot your Pi is|How To Find Out How Hot Your Pi Is]
** [How to remotely connect to a robot over wifi|UsingSsh]
** [How to configure a static IP address|HowToConfigureAStaticIpAddress] so your robot always shows up at the same location on your WiFi network

!! References

It'd be foolish to think that a single website could fulfill all the needs of a budding robot scientist. There are many existing sites that provide good information for building robots, and acquiring the skills necessary to do so. Here's a few:

* [Collin Cunningham|http://www.collinmel.com/video.html] is a creative engineer for Adafruit, and has "been making technology & educational video with the goal of making science, electronics and engineering more approachable, fascinating, and playful." His YouTube videos are very well done and include his ''[Collin's Lab|http://www.collinmel.com/collinslab.html]'' series, which among many other things shows how to solder, desolder, use an oscilloscope, use hand tools, use various sensors and electronic parts, etc.

!! List of Known Recipes

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