When designing a robot it may help to consider ''where'' you think it might do its thing.

So here's perhaps an enumeration of __[robot operating environments]__:

* entirely smooth vinyl, wood or concrete floor, indoor
* mostly smooth wood or tile floor, indoor
* typical indoor flooring, with transitions (smooth, tiled, carpet and rug)
* relatively smooth outdoor (concrete sidewalk, wood deck, parking lot)
* moderately even suburban outdoor (concrete, lawn, transitions, but no stairs, curbs, or cliffs)
* challenging suburban outdoor (uneven concrete, curbs, stairs, cliffs)
* wild environments (sand or beach, up in the mountains, tree branches, rocks, cliffs, anything goes)
* snow
* water surface
* water surface/amphibious
* underwater
* airborne 
* outer space or other planets

There's also the notion of whether a robot can handle rain or spray. Or on a beach, can it avoid the waves?

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