A placeholder page for the __[LBR01]__, the __Letterbox Robot__, a robot that resides inside a letterbox.
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This provides a Robot Operating System (ROS) for a Raspberry Pi based robot
written in Python 3, whose prototype hardware implementations is a fixed-location
robot that resides in a letterbox.

The hardware consists of a PIR sensor and an HT0740 Switch controlling a 12v
power supply to toggle a 2.5 meter strip of white LEDs, to light the garden path.

It also has a Pi camera that looks down from the ceiling to view what's in the
mailbox and provides a live video stream, with both daylight and night settings.

This currently runs as a simple daemon process but at some point will use the
KROS Core robot operating system, a Python3-based Subsumption Architecture,
basically a publish-subscribe pattern implemented using an asyncio message bus,
where the robot sensors are publishers, motor controllers and other output
devices, etc. act as subscribers. Subscribers indicate what event types they're
interested in. Events are pushed onto the message bus, passed through an
Arbitrator and on to a Controller. The Controller for the LBR01 will control
both the camera and the LED light strip.

More later... 

!! Links

* [Letterbox Robot Project|https://github.com/ifurusato/letterbox-robot] on github


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